Thursday, May 10, 2007

it's official

I did it. I crossed over to the blogger side. With a little help from a friend of mine- I was inspired, and motivated to attempt blogging. She got me into something called "jumping the fence" or "Spying" as I call it and from then on out- I was HOOKED!!! Whatever- call it peer pressure.

As you all know- Mermaids are a big hit in our family- so what better name than "Mermaid Crossing" ? Thanks to my, oozing over with creativity, friend of mine- I now have a title I am happy with. Trust me- I already created, and deleted one account, b/c the name bothered me. Not to mention the sleepless nights which included tossing and turning, all in the means of trying to come up with THE perfect title. :)

* Really- I am that easily overwhelmed.


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