Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I've been TAGGED!!!

THis is a purse tag, apparently it is called a 'meme' going around on the internet, or blogger world, and I am to take photos and post about what is in my purse.... oh me-oh my!!! SO here it goes:

Here is a photo of my ever so trendy BLACK purse. Nothing fancy to this one- just a every day run-of-the-muck simple black purse. :)

Next, you'll find a few of the every day essentials: a blingged out cell phone with even a few missing "blings" thanks to my sweet darling P who continues to pull them off, even after I replace them. Some business cards that are always nicely displayed JUST like this in my purse (NOT) An emergency pink hair tie for P. Notice I chose a pastel pink, not orange or yellow. Pink is always a safe bet with a 1 1/2 yr. old girl!!! 3 lip glosses.... Notice each is just a different shade of pink too. The names you ask? "Cutie" , "Babied" and "Oyster Girl" how appropriate!

Then we've got, a Mothers Day present that I have YET to send in the mail to my Mom... Sorry Mommy... at least now you know what I got ya! ;)

I also seem to like an alcohol flavored mouth-The flavor is called "Mint Mojito" which my ever so minty friend LIZ told me about - which is funny, because I don't chew gum. IN fact- I hate gum, unless it is a "Splashy Strawberry" with animated strawberries in the front. And even then, I still don't like it all that much. It gives me a headache. There is also a random stick of gum, that obviously does not belong to the other pack. Hmmm..... then my usual wallet, and checkbook- which is also odd, seeing as I haven to written a check since 1999 :) THen that leads me to the small yet handy hand sanitizer- which seems to need to be used once you touch this. (it is covered in crumbs of some sort) ewwwwww...... But this little miracle- is needed after any shopping trip- or playground adventure.

Here we have Paisley's snacks. A few repeats to be exact. There is a half eaten apple, 2 juices, prolly both apple juice, and a zippy with rice cakes and graham crackers, and another zippy with just graham crackers. Just in case the other graham crackers were "tainted" by the rice cakes. You know how that is:)

Last but not least, I found, my most favoritess mouth freshener of all kinds: ALTOIDS Sugar FREE mints. They are not "minty" by any means (I hate when fruit flavors try to be mint flavors) Liz also got me hooked on these... she always finds the goods!!! Also, 2 pens, a bobby pin, and a lip liner- which apparently is not in the correct pocket- it needs to be with it's friends "OysterGirl" "Babied" and "Cutie" I'll get them back together as soon as we are through here!!!

SO- there you have it folks- my purse! :) Next, I will be tagging my good friend Liz. Purses, are a good thing to have, and I can see why men have ventured into the "Murse" or "Man bag" fashion. I would if I was a man.... would you?


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