Thursday, June 21, 2007


I am starting to really enjoy driving through my complex. It's kind of like the song "The freaks come out at night" but in this case, it is " The freaks come out in Summer" So, today as P and I were driving back through the complex, coming from our second park adventure (2 different parks) for the day, I noticed the lady on the corners place, and peeked in as we drove through- and saw a strapping man drinking a beer. Maybe the one who got the new BBQ- OH.... Maybe for fathers day!!! NOW I GET IT!!!!! Then as we rounded the corner, I saw a young marine- fully dresses in his "Camies" with a green apron on cutting or razoring a guys head who slightly resembled "BIG BLACK" from my favorite show on MTV right now, "Rob & BIG". I saw them out there once before, and I couldn't help but smile when I did see them. Last time- The guy with the green apron, had a beer in one hand, and was using scissors to cut with the other- AND... there were about 4 other young marines all on the balcony drinking and waiting their turn. When I had come back a couple hours later, they were all still out there having a good time. :)
Today- I notcied (only because they had the blinds open) that the boxes are out (and a UHAUL is parked on their side of the building) - moving is in full fledge for the lady of TDBD. (That Damn Barking Dog) THANK THE LORD~ I was about to go postal on their A@@. :)

** One of my favorire authors, Hemmingway, once said "if you become aware to what is going on around you, you will be surprised at how much you see. " ***

[EDIT] I just had to come back here- as I was closing my computer down, I saw a lady from the apartment across the walkway from me standing on her balcony. I was looking at my computer when I heard this GOD AWFUL sound. She dropped something over her balcony, and did a big "AGGGG, UHHHh MOAN!" It fell down the little awning, and into the rain gutter. I watched her for a few minutes, she tried a broom handle, but it didn't reach so she gave up.. and now- NOW literally, as I type, she is back on her balcony on the phone with someone and she just re-told the story, and to my surpirse it is her lense from her eye glasses!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA..WAIT- this just in, she is now putting a step ladder up to the awning, (on ground level, and is NOW dangling from the rain gutter. Nope, wait- yup!!! SHE'S GOT IF FOLKS!!!!!! A smile is on her face, and she walks away with lense in hand :)
GOD- I couldn't script this any better folks!!!! THis stuff just happens to me- I don't know how.


Ghia said...

Love it! In college we used to say that all of the hot guys came out in the spring/summer...It was too cold during the fall/winter!
Anyways, I figured out the picture situation on my site...I guess I was just too impatient to wait for them to upload :o) What can I say?? I like instant results!

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