Tuesday, June 5, 2007

just a few things before I forget.

Thanks to all of you for passing along the good news about my online shop on Etsy. I have sold 3 almost 4 prints- and I am SO excited!!! Oh- and if you haven't told all your family and friends about me- then please do so! :) Every little bit helps!!!

Secondly- I just had to tell you (world) how cute my daughter is. *Like you didn't already know right??? But yesterday takes the cake! We were grocery shopping, and we walked by the meat department- where all the fresh meat is- and Paisley yelled "MOOOOOO" everyone turned and started laughing SO hard. I must have been beat red!!!! THe meat dept. guys started laughing and sharing some kind words, I am sure in Spanish.

OK- then, last night, I was reading her her nightly 3 books- and at the third book, she rolled over and laid on me. She then sat up, grabbed my cheeks and said in her sweetest voice possible, "nigh-nigh" and laid her head down- wait it gets better- then she must have heard my heart beating, because she sat right up, and said "boom boom, boom boom" Ok- I KNOW!!!!!! (sigh)- how did I get so lucky to have such a good, and sweet little girl?? Someone must REALLY love me up there ;)

Lastly- I just had to tell you, the corner apt. with all the changing flowers still has the Lilly's. But they appear to be on their way out. So hold tight for a few days, I'm sure she'll have something new out in a day or so. WHen that day comes- trust me friend. You'll be the first to know!


Brandi said...

Congrats on selling the prints! That is fantastic. Paisley is amazing.

Liz said...


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