Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Recipe and a funny Story


Tortilla Casserole (Heart attack on a fork, but worth every bite.)


Shredded Cheese (cheddar)
Sour Cream
Corn tortillas
yellow Onion
Ground Beef (around 2 lbs, if you make a 13x9 pan)
Red Salsa
Cream of Chicken

Cook ground beef and use chopped up onion to season it. Also add, salt pepper, garlic salt etc.

In large bowl, stir in, one can of cream of chicken, one cup of sour cream (just refill empty can of cream of Chx.) one cup of salsa, and about half of a small jar of pimentos.

Pour some salsa in the bottom of the baking dish, enough to cover the bottom. THen cut corn tortillas, and line the bottom of the dish so that all of the dish is covered. Then add the cooked ground beef/onion mix. Then top with the wet mixture. Cover the entire dish with the sauce. Then cover the dish in shredded cheese.
* I think it would be good if you covered the sauce layer in more cut up tortillas, then put the shredded cheese over it, making it like a lasagna, but I haven't tried it yet.

Cook at 350 (with foil over top) for 15 min. then uncover for another 15-20 minutes. Top with a doll-up of sour cream, and you are set! :) The left-overs taste the best, or use chips- and treat like a dip. :)


As Paisley and I were playing, she stopped to take a sip of water. SHe then jumped on me, and played some more. I noticed I got wet somehow but didn't think much of it. THen all of a sudden she started crying- I sat up, looked at her, and she was grabbing her nose- whining. WATER CAME OUT HER NOSE!!!!! She kept grabbing it and pulling on it- and crying more. :) I could not help but laugh, and she would get more and more mad at me b/c I was laughing!!! THen to top it all off- she sneezed like 3 times- and I almost lost it. :) POOR baby!!!


Britters said...

I know you don't like help with your cooking, (thanksgiving 2003)but add a little cream cheese w/ the ground meat or try shredded chicken. YUMMY :)

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