Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dog Days of Summer

er- sumptin like that. It is HOT. it is VERY hot. So today we went to the Park with Brooke & Logan. Paisley only had 2 mild temper tantrums, one when we were leaving, which I expected, and another when I wouldn't give her more bubbles. I know- pick my battles. But we had a good time with B&L, we always have a good time. :) I think the park is a great place for kids to learn, explore, and tackle new things on their own. I realized this as Paisley and Logan played a game of "Chase you, me" as Logan calls it. I can remember so many fun days at the park when I was a kid, and I am happy that Paisley is creating her own memories. I just wish it was cooler.
Last night (AKA, my night off) Tommy and I watched SYTYCD, and I was in awe at how amazing it was. Liz- skip this: The opening number by Pasha and Lauren, was TO DIE FOR. the costumes, the music, the dance... every bit of it made me want to get up and dance, and shake my big ol' booty. LOVED IT. ok- enough of that.
I am trying to think of something else that will make your day better for reading this, but I am kinda tapped right now. WHen I first got my blog going, I told my Mom to read it, and she said "WHy do I have to read this- you tell me this stuff when we talk on the phone" So, I am trying to make this a more interesting post from now on- more inspirational... motivational.... you know- exciting. But today- I'm out of those things. Be sure to check back later, maybe I'll have something good to say:)


Brandi said... do not even KNOW hot until you come here. I left the beach for 100 degree weather. I am clinically insane for sure.

kalyn said...

no- I mean it. It is HOT here. alost 90's right now- but MAJOR humidity. :( no fun.

Ghia said...

can you believe this heat? i finally broke down and turned on the AC...
as for SYTYCD--I HEART Lauren and that dance was AMAZING!!!

kalyn said...

OH GHIA- my AC is on 24-7. When I get hot, I get extremely moody, and antsy. I DO.NOT.DO.HEAT.


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