Saturday, July 21, 2007

My Childhood Home

Picture this: A two story, very large grey/blue house with an immaculate front lawn, and gorgeous lighting from below. A long driveway to the left of the house, la 3 car garage at the top of the driveway. A gate at the top, with a heart on the outside. This was MY HOME. I loved my home, and I get very sad when I think about it. Not because it makes me sad, but because it was the best home I could have ever asked for. My parents cared a lot about our home, and took very good care of it. I appreciate it more now than ever before b.c I often have a hard time just keeping our little cubicle, I mean apartment clean. (sigh)

I had an amazing room. I was the only one on the downstairs level, (which later made for an easily accessible escape route) I always had my own TV, computer, and phone line. When I would get grounded to my room, I was always like "Ok- that's cool" Then my punishments were no phone- and no TV- they finally figured out how to hit me where it hurts. ;) I had everything from yellow walls, to white walls with wallpaper, to one large wall covered in Guess or Bongo magazine ads, all in B&W of course. :) My parents were very good with letting me "decorate" my room. Although, every Friday, if my room was not clean, my Mom would come in and do a "Freaky Friday" she would walk around, and if things were piled up, or not where they were supposed to be, she would put it all in a pile of the room. THAT SUCKED. I was not allowed to go out until it was all picked up and put away.

The rest of the house was always immaculate. My home was not an "entertaining" home for kids- it was a look, but don't touch kind-of house. Which was nice- it got me outside more. THere were 2 fireplaces on either end of the house. There was always a fire burning, and my Mom was always cooking something MARVELOUS in the kitchen. Upstairs was my parents room, the office and workout room. The office overlooked the living room, and I remember as a child throwing things over the balcony to a friend to catch it. I could play that game for hours! I was not allowed in the workout room. My Dad was a firm believer that everything I touched would break. He was right.

My parents added a pool a wine cellar, and a view deck to the house. THere was always some form of renovation going on. If it was the wine cellar, my Dad was hand digging it- and doing everything on his own, and on his own time frame, if it was painting the house- it was every other summer, with one trusty little paintbrush- no rollers or sprayers, he liked to do it "right" I think if my Mom and Dad did not do all the things they did the "right" way, it would not have been "The most beautiful house on the block" We would have have random people stop by and tell us how beautiful our house was and ask us if we were willing to sell it. If that isn't a compliment, I don't know what is.

Most of my actual memories include Sarah. She was my BFF, my long lost sister, my partner in crime. Anything we did, it was together. If it was dressing up in Princess gowns (my Mom's old night gowns) or swimming like mermaids- we were having a BLAST!!! My childhood was the best b/c of her-we would play hide and seek under the deck of my house- the only way we would find one another was b.c my dog at the time, Meghan, would give us up by looking through the cracks of the deck and bark at us. :) We would sneak out of my house together to meet our "boyfriends" or to just sit at the bottom of the driveway and feel like rebels. My mom would make us dinner, and oblige when we "demanded" ketchup on EVERYTHING ;) I could go on and on with these memories- Sarah probably has her own list.

Overall- my house on Donna Dr. was the best. I would not trade any part of it for any one else's house. We had a view of the ocean like no other, and had gorgeous sunsets EVERY night. I lived there for a total of 20 years, and I hope I can create as good of a home for my family lasting well over 20 years. :) If the chance came up to buy that house back, I would in a second. (if I could afford it!!!) I left a piece of my heart in that house on Donna Dr. How could I not?

*** These are just a FEW of my memories.... if you read this, and have some of your own memories, please post them in the comment box, so I can smile and reminisce with you! ***


Sarah Davis said...

Ha ha! Yes, there are endless amounts of memories, how about when you would make me close my eyes so I could "guess" what treat you were gonna put in my mouth from the pantry...9 times out of ten it was like red pepper or ground cumin!! Remember our secret spot? Which was actually on the sidewalk down the street...soooo secret! That house was a wonderful place for me to grow up too...the bar overlooking the kitchen where we would eat all our meals was the best, exept when I tipped back in the stool, always such a klutz!! I hope our girls make many memories someday! Thanks for making me smile!

Becky said...

I have to say I think of you every time I pass that house! And then I turn down the road to see Tymar and Loren's old houses. Great memories! There are a few memories that I really - drinking malibu rum from the bottle before a high school dance. Two- the story of Sarah tripping the house alarm one night. I wasn't even there, but I always laughed just imagining the scene!! And three- never being allowed to slam a door in your house. And that back door always shut hard if you didn't stop it! Thanks for the trip down memory lane! See you in August.

Owlhaven said...

This was great-- I'd have loved to see more pictures.

Thanks for sharing


Liz said...

sadly, i grew up in the smack middle of the country, so i don't know anything about your childhood home except that one time we totally parked right out front and stared at it for about twenty minutes.

and you boob really doesn't look deformed. do you wear underwire? really, i didn't notice anything weird, but when I'm holding carly, she's almost always pulling my bra out of alignment, so that's probably just what it was. your boobs are fine. i'm sure tommy would love to do a quality inspection to back me up.

Ghia said...

There's no place like home. There's no place like home!

Thanks for sharing :o)

Brandi said...

a great childhood made a great lady!

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