Monday, July 2, 2007


I think I am dehydrated. My muscles ache, and I am REALLY tired. I mean, I know being SUPERMOM and all, really takes a lot out of you- but geesh. What's a girl to do? Tomorrow I am off to watch a house burn down (insert lots of excited energy) with my hubby. He can't wait to show Paisley and I. [insert jumping up and down with joy] So- because I am a SUPERWIFE- I do these kind of things. No- really though, I am kinda excited to watch a "controlled burn-down" I'll post some photos. Today me and my SUPERKID went to Balboa Park with the double K's. Karah and Kira. It was fun. Hot- but fun. Wednesday is the 4th. We'll be at Sarah's all day- that should be fun, then the rest of the week is touch and go. Tommy is on a 4 day (4 days off) so that will be nice. FINALLY some time with my man. I miss him. ok- off to bed- even SUPERMOMS need rest.


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