Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Blah Blah BLAH.

I don't have a lot to say lately, due to the fact that the dust that I should have been "dusting" is overwhelming my brain. This packing gig is AWFUL. Counting today, I have 4 days until the "Moving Day" WEEKEND begins. I am VERY excited about this move, and I think that is why it isn't too stressful- I know I have more space to move into versus here, I had less space to move into. You get it.

So, yesterday we went to a B-day party for a friend of ours, Son. The Mommy was very smart and held it at a "Free-for-all" kind of place, Chuck E Cheese. Paisley had a GREAT time running around, and she was EXHAUSTED by the time we left. She went down for her nap at 12:28 and woke up at 3:15. I think I might just take her to C.E.C more often if I keep getting 3+ hours naps outta her.

**Oh, and Paisley won this cute little harmonica- she calls it her horn. :)

Over at WFT (sorry no link-she went private) my friend Liz put a list of all the books she has read since her hubby deployed- She is very smart. And oddly enough, there were only like 2 books on there I have read. "Smart Couples Finish Rich" and a book my Nicholas Sparks, my ALL TIME favorite author. I m sooo excited, b/c with this move- I found all my books from him, and I have yet to read like 3 of them :) YAY!!!!


Ghia said...

i love finding books that i bought that i never read...i have a whole pile! btw, i want a fun photo assignment for my europe trip. liz can't have all the fun!

kalyn said...

HAHAAHAHAHA... YAY! ok- let me think.

liz said...

i think it should be about PEOPLE. something interesting and fun about people.

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