Monday, October 22, 2007

Fire and Scrapbooking

WOWSERS.... the fires here in North County are Out!!! Of!!! CONTROL!!!!! :) Tommy is working with his Fire Department today assisting on any medical Aids- he is not on the frontline of Firefighting- but he is involved!!! Please keep him in your thoughts, but more importantly everyone who is directly effected by this tragedy. People and animals!

Next on my list is this past weekend! WOW- an "overnighter" just isn't as easy as it was when I was in college!!! Staying up for 24 hours is DIFFICULT. Even with drinking espressos ever few hours!!!! I had a lot of fun, and will be doing it again next year! **EEEEK** For your viewing pleasure, here are just a FEW photos!


liz said...


did you notice how skinny your face is getting? whatta hottie

kalyn said...

:P shut up! :P

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