Monday, October 29, 2007

Fun and Fires

Hey everyone- I am here. I mean there. Well you know what I mean. I am back in cyber space :) Life has been crazy, but fun. We left on Tuesday night for a quick get away to Solvang, in hope of escaping the poor air quality down here. If anyone knows my buzzy little bee- staying kept up inside all day, is NOT for her. We had a GREAT time at my Moms (if you would like to see photos, please let me know; there ate too many to post here!) Liz and Carly joined us this trip. We figured we should at least accomplish ONE thing on our To-Do list while her hubby was deployed, seeing as he is home in 17 days!!!!

Paisley is SO a two year old lately. She has mastered the "no" and the pouty lip. OHhhhhh that darn pouty lip. It doesn't do anything for me- but it works wonders on her Daddy! Yesterday we carved pumpkins- P would not touch it. Every time I would pull out a handful, she would say "Ewww... Poo-poo" she only liked them when they were cleaned off and finished. Hers was a tiny little one with a happy/surprised face on it. She loved it! :) *photos to come.

Life here in So. Cal has been pretty crazy for most, we have had all of our family and friends in our prayers each and every day. Before the fires, during, and after- this is not an easy time for anyone. We know a few people who had mandatory evacuations, one who lost their home, and many who had the fires "lick" their homes! :( Our hearts go out to everyone effected. We will not forget!!!


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