Monday, October 15, 2007

Two Fingers and All

I have a cold. As of right now- I have ingested 60 drops of Echinacea SUPREME, two Oregeno Oil tablets (not your everyday Oregeno) 20 oz. of vitamin water (VItamin C) 60 oz. of water, 2 Calcium,Magnesium,& Zinc pills- and a childrens multi-Vitamin. I wen to bed at 8:30 last night, but woke up every hour. ON.THE.DOT.- kinda defeated the purpose wouldn't you think? I am hoping it is 100% outta me by Wednesday. I think I'll be ok.

Saturday is the BIG day for me- I am doing a 24 hour Scrapbook event. Over the past 5 months, I have collected donations for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and am proud to say I collected over 500$ for the cause. There are about 200 women participating in this event, and almost all have collected over $500, and some have even collected over $2,000. This is going to be such an incredible and empowering event. I can't wait!! * I'll take TONS of photos!!!

Paisley is back to her usual self again. Not having as many issues with sleep. A few little fights here and there- but WAY better. As of last night while reading her bedtime books, she mastered the "two fingers" up when I ask her how old she is. I was DYING watching her squirm all parts of her body to just-get-that- last finger up. :) Today- she mastered Miss Carly's silly face (that her daddy taught her.) Out of the blue, Paisley looks at me with her fingers in the sides of her mouth and her tounge hanging out and said "AHHHHHhhhh" Moments like this make me LOVE my life.

It is really cold today- I am wearing leggings under a skirt. After a friend of mine wore the same style yesterday and she inspired me to try it. I like it. It keeps me warm :) I feel cute. :)


Sarah D said...

Hee hee...that girl must be real stylin'!!Feel better!!

Brandi said...

Colds suck.

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