Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 at a Glance

The year 2008 is a few hours away- and I would like to send off 2007 with a proper goodbye. I've seen a few people doing this on their blogs- so.... I'll give:

January: We started the New Year off right with some of our best buddies! T and I had them over for a New York New Years Eve. Paisley saw the snow for the first time, and we took her to the Reuben H. Fleet Science Museum in San Diego. Many memories were made this month. I've got the scrapbook to prove it! month flew by as usual!

February: This was Superbowl month- we had our best Fisch Friends over for a girls only party and this month we also took a trip to Zoomars. Paisley saw the inside of Chuck E. Cheese for the first time. SHOOT- that should go down in the history books as the first and LAST! :) February is the month when P first took an interest in the potty, and looking back- I should have ran with it then:)

March: Oh we love March. It was the start of Beach season!!! Isn't that nice?! Mimi came to visit, I got my new Professional Digital Camera... St. Patricks Day... oh MARCH- I love March!

April: On the 3rd, we celebrated our Anniversary, and then the next day we welcomed The Baby Bear Shayne into the World!! This is the month when the Flower Fields are in fill bloom. I could spend every day there- and take 1,000 photos THERE! OOOH- and this was the month for Easter Eggs. One thing I will NOT do with a 1 1/2 year old again :) Coloring that is :) This is the month we also went up to Mim and Papa's house. Paisley rode her first REAL horse for the first time too!

May: Mothers Day :) Disneyland (2nd time) and of course, MORE flower Fields!

June: Fathers Day- The start of Watermelon Season, The Del Mar Fair, Little Fisch's 2nd B-day, A finger Paint Session with Carly that will never be forgotten, and the first time my Dear Fried Liz stepped into a Walmart. Now THAT should go down in the History Books!

July: The 4th of July. Probably my favorite holiday (ok, one of) We spent it at Sarah's house- Liz and her BFF Amanda joined us. There was lots of splashing, and popsicle eating. We also went to my parents house again. At the end of this month is when Paisley started swimming lessons, and was the best in class!!!

August: WOW- this was a busy month! Paisley turned two, and I turned 26. Tommy officially started the "Academy" and we had no idea what was in store for him! Brooke and I started meeting at the Park every Tue. and or Thurs.

September: On the 21st, we moved from out itty bitty- to a wonderful new home. We love living in Rancho Del Oro and are proud to call this house a HOME. Sarah and Andy had a Labor Day party.... this was a fun one! :)

October: We started going weekly to Legoland with Boop and LoLo. Paisley and Logan really became buddies! Oma took us to Bates Nut Farm for the 2nd year in a row... great fun, and even better photos :) This was the month of Firestorm. Tommy got some good overtime, Liz and I grabbed the girls and headed up to my Moms, and Paisley dressed as a Lady Bug/ Love Bug for Halloween!!! This is when Sarah and I did Survivor Crop as well. We managed to stay up till 5 am- then called it quits. I'm just not as young as I was in college :P

November: Tommy graduated the Fire Academy as a Squad Leader, and turned 27 a few days later. My Dear Friends hubby returned from a way-to-long- deployment, then they conceived THAT NIGHT :) Thanksgiving came and went.

December: Finally got back on our unregular, Regular schedule with Tommy's work. Spent some much needed time with the Family, and watched my already bright eyed child, get even brighter eyes with the talk of Santa! This was a Christmas I will never forget. It was so special with my Little Family. I can't even imagine what next year might bring! :)

Happy New Years to you and yours. Be safe- don't drink and drive.... I'll see ya NEXT YEAR!



Sarah D said...

Very sweet...I wish I had your dedication when it comes to my blog! Can't wait to spend the day with ya!!

LizzieFish said...

dear geppetto,

wal-mart...blech...that's a first and a LAST, too! =)

this is such a sweet idea! i haven't seen anybody else do it in such an organized fashion, though! i'm completely stealing it for next year, k?

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