Friday, December 7, 2007

Christmas TIME!!!

1. Christmas tree up yet?

2. Any Christmas decorations up yet?
All of them!!!

3. What are you asking for for Christmas?
my two front teeth. (I don't ask for presents anymore!!!)

4.What do you usually do on Christmas Eve?
Open presents. (we would always travel on Christmas day!)

5. What do you usually do on Christmas Day?
see above. Or call my friends and tell eachother what we got (when we were like 16)

6. Do you own any christmas clothes or jewelery?

7. Do you use white or colored christmas lights?
white on the inside, this year color on the house outside.

8. Do you cook Christmas cookies?
OH. Hells yes.

9. Do you buy Christmas presents for your whole family?
eh' kinda.

10. How many friends do you buy presents for?
Only the good ones. 0 : )

11. Do you believe in Santa Clause?
I was just wondering this yesterday. I think "believing" keeps the spirit alive even in us adults- so YES.

12. Favorite Christmas songs?
Baby it's Cold Outside, I saw Mama Kissing Santa, Jingle Bells.

13. Would you rather it be a white Christmas, or a warm Christmas?
White Christmas. Never had one!!!

14. Was last years Christmas a good one ?
Yes. I guess. Is there ever a "bad" Christmas?

15. Which Christmas color do you like better?

16. Do you get a real Christmas tree, or is it artificial?
Real. I like the smell.

17. When you get older, will you get a real or artificial tree?

18. Do you hang stockings?
yess. That reminds me. I need to get the holders at Target.

19. When opening presents, does your family all open them at the same time?
There is usually a "Santa" who hands them out- then we take turns and go in circles.

21. Do you get up early on Christmas day?
Yes. But this year we haveto stay in bed until Tommy gets off work! :(

22. Does your family eat breakfast before or after opening presents?
Uhhh.... I don't know. After.

23. Do you have a favorite ornament you hang on the tree?
Yes. I started a new ornament tradition w/ Tommy four years ago- so those go up first.

24. What Christmas movie do you like to watch the most?
Rudolph. and the classic A Christmas Story

25. What do you like better, Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?
Eve :) The Day is kinda lonely. Even with a house full of people. -Go FIgure.


Sarah D said...

Ha ha...I think you were always the one to call me and tell me what you got spoiled with for Christmas!! I was always jealous!!

brooke2916 said...

Christmas day is lonely for me too... why is that? I guess for me it's because we only see Shanes family on Christmas day, we do mine on Christmas Eve. So, it's just not the same.

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