Sunday, December 23, 2007

I confess

Creative title, I know!!!

Okay, so apparently the newest fad in the bloggity world is to confess your deepest darkest secrets on your blawg- so the world can read. I don't have anything super dark like wearing a sports bra for "many" hours, But here are a few:

1. I opened up someones ( I wont say who) stocking stuffer, a 6 pack of Resse's Peanut Butter Cups so I could have one. Okay two. Embarrasing I know. I just couldn't wrap up the poor little guys. They WANTED to be eaten!!!

2. I am RE-wrapping and RE-Gifting the kids digital camera my Mom gave Paisley for her B-day as a gift from Santa. TACKY, I know- but she just wasn't ready for it 4 months ago, so I figured I'd make the Jolly Guy with a bowl full of Jelly look good!

3. I really only DEEP clean my house when I know I am having guests over. SO, that means this month it will be twice. Kinda Gross, I know. I mean- don't think my house is a walking flu bug waiting to happen.. I clean as I go, daily.... I just don't get down on my hands and knees with a toothbrush scrubbing my grout. I would much rather be on my hands and knees doing other things. (OMG- that sounded SO bad!!! I TOTALLY meant with Paisley, playing on the floor!! YOU SICKO!!!!!!)

*I'm adding more*

4. My neighbors brought by a present for Paisley just as I was leaving. I had Tommy look inside it to see if it was a "good" gift and to know how much I had to run out (last minute) and spend on a little boys present. He told me a stuffed horse. SO I figured.. eh' a few packs of Play-Doh is good! NOTSOMUCH. I got home.. P was up from her nap, she opened it, and it was not only a BIG "stuffed Horse" but there was the cutest little red scarf. hat, and glove set with embroidered flowers!!!! UGGGG.. I am the wrost neighbor EVER.

5. I just ate the last cookie I was "Saving" for Paisley. :(

6. I cut off an older lady today at the Mall. WHAT?? SHe was driving SOOOOOooo sloooow- and I was in a hurry! In a hand basket people... STRAIGHT TO HELL IN A HAND BASKET!

and by the way.... I see NO problem with keeping the girls (for a few extra hours) in a Sports Bra Miss Fisch! I'm only teasing you!!! XOXOXOXOXOX


brooke2916 said...

Wow, your deep dark secrets are just NOT so deep and dark... well, except about the part of being down on your knees! LOL!! Here's my deep dark secret, I did deep cleaning today, and it was only the 2nd time since I've lived in this house {{blush}} I am the worlds WORST housewife!

LizzieFish said...

this is so fun!

my in-laws came in yesterday at 2pm and after putting a ham and rolls for dinner on the table at 4 and cleaning half the kitchen, i went TO SLEEP at 6:45pm.


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