Thursday, February 14, 2008


**Story behind the story**
We absolutely ADORE our Fisch Friends and we are sad we had to see them leave. So, Paisley came up with this really great idea to send a care package- a present for C and a few little Flur De' Li (sp?) things for L. Paisley came up with this GREAT idea to buy Flur De' Li irons on, and make a shirt for herself, and one for Carly. Then Paisley asked me to take her photo wearing her shirt, and include it with the one we were sending Carly. SO Viola! Here is the photo that went out with Carly's!

We Love you Fischers and we miss you all dearly!! Happy Valentines day from one hermit crab to the next!!


Lizzie Fish said...

Man, Paisley has some GREAT ideas! She is such a thoughtful and loving friend. She really knows how to make her friends feel loved and appreciated! No wonder we love her so much...sweet lil' Juice!

*Clap, Clap*

Our Family of Four said...

The sentiment was REALLY sweet and the shirts came out super cute. P. really is well beyond her years... I didn't realize she was so well versed in the fleur d'lis!

Kikarafonik said...

Hey, I officially checked out your blog so you can come on over to ours anytime.
I love, love the shirts you made for your daughter and her friend. They would sell very well down in the bayou.
-Erica and Cecilia

brooke2916 said...

That is so cute. Oh, and I love the new page :)

Brandi said...


Lizzie Fish said...

i LOVE your new photo!!!!

xoxoxo back to you!

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