Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My **FAVORITE*** Grape Stomping Fall

***MUST SEE*** (make sure you have sound on!!!!) (LIZ)


Lizzie Fish said...

first, how did you KNOW???

second, i wouldn't make sounds like a seal in heat while a camera was rolling no matter how many bones i'd broken.

third, 2 for $7! jealous! we got the turqoise and white stripe, too!!! i personally think it's going to look adorable with the white shorts. hey - did you see the little black and white maryjanes with the hot pink piping? if they don't have them there, let me know and i'll mail them to you. they say PAISLEY REESE allll over them.

Our Family of Four said...

I second your second Liz - TOTALLY embarrasing! Are we vain?

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