Thursday, February 28, 2008

PPD Facts

Today I went to the Dr.'s office to have them listen to my chest. I have had really bad wheezing and coughing attacks for almost 2 weeks. I ended up getting an inhaler, and some medicine to knock out any germies in my chest. I started to speak with him about women and Depression, and if he thinks the reason I am on Lexapro is because of postpartum or if it was a sudden onset because of a chemical inbalance. He said it was to hard to determine and that in recent studies they have found that Lexapro fixes both- and that they are finding that Postpartum still happens long after a child is born. This all made sense to me b/c it was not like I started seeing the TV talk or anything- I just never felt "normal" after having Paisley almost 3 years ago! I never thought of sucide, or any thing else major- I was just a very emotional person (like always, but intesified) Iwould feel happy, sad, excited, mad..... every emotion just extreme. I have started to get really interested in this and I think more women actually have/had Postpartum Depression, and never really knew it.

Here are some PPD Facts:

PPD is the most common complication of childbearing.

PPD occurs in 13% (one in 8) of women who give birth.

PPD affects approximately half a million women per year in the US.

There is no single cause for postpartum depression. Physical, emotional and lifestyle factors all may play a role. Depression also runs in some families.


brooke2916 said...

Interesting facts... I think I may have possibly been affected by PPD... but honestly I'm afraid to admit that to my husband. He constantly jokes about women being depressed and doesn't seem like he would be very supportive if I needed something to help me. I could see him say "go take another pill" anytime I had anything emotionaly going on :(

Lizzie Fish said...

kk - i'm so happy you've gotten some answers. hugs to you!

Our Family of Four said...

Thanks so much for sharing Kalyn... great info and I ditto Liz in that I'm happy you are feeling more like your old self again.

Brandi said...

Thanks for sharing. I'm pretty sure I had a case of PPD, at least for the first 5m after Ryan was born. Things did get better after Davis (ofcourse!) but i'm still not my old self--and wonder if we are supposed to be. How can we experience this huge change and not change ourselves?? All I know now is that if there is a baby #2 in our future I will be more willing to ask my doc for help!

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