Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I haven't had much to say lately, because there are some amazing families going through some pretty rough times. Things that no family should ever have to experience.... I ask you to continue to pray for these families, and to never let them out of your heart! With that said- on a lighter note:

Tonight as I bathed Paisley- I was washing her nether regions- she said to me "No Mama- I'm a Fire Truck" (taken from the mouth of Logan) I quickly replied " Bubbas- even fire trucks need there wee-wee's washed" As I said it- I heard what I was saying and how I never thought the words, Fire Truck and Wee-Wee in the same sentence, would EVER come out of my mouth!


McCoyFamily said...


Lizzie Fish said...

*snicker, snicker*

Brandi said...

2 days ago i said:
"Yes, doggies have pee pees too and we don't touch them"


brooke2916 said...

LOL! Too funny... my little man turned her into a fire truck!!

Logan keeps asking if the new baby is going to come out of my mouth when he's born... so I tell him "No, he'll either come out of my belly or between my legs". He's so smart, though... when I say he might come out of my belly he says "are they going to use a knife?" I don't know how he knows all this stuff!!

Our Family of Four said...

AHHHH that is so funny! And Brandi too, don't ya just love 'em!

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