Monday, March 31, 2008

Oh- What do you know!!!

Turns out I do have something to talk/write about. Just as I was typing that I had nothing interesting to say, my daughter poops in her booster seat. EWWWWWWW... poop is bad enough in panties if there is an accident, but all smushed up her back, and chair.... DI-SGUSTING!!!!!! (she was naked, just got out of the pool!!)

I have been so frustrated with her pooping in her panties, today- I drew the line. I went in her room, grabbed an old diaper, and put her in it. I told her that is she wanted to be and act like a baby, that she needs to wear diapers. Now, I know- some of you must be in shock, that I talked to my daughter like that- but I am so tired of her "accidents" that haven't stopped, that she might as well be back in diapers. Well, not really. I HATE diapers! As soon as she had the diaper on she said "No Mommy- I want to be a big Gil" I sat her down and had a really good eye to eye conversation about big girls, versus babies and that if she wanted to be a big girl she needed to start going poo-poo in the potty like she used to. I asked her if she wanted to make a "Poopy Chart" and she said that she did- so now- I am going to make one and hang it in the bathroom. Anything to NOT be cleaning poop out of itty bitty panties- or a booster seat!!!


brooke2916 said...

No... I'm not shocked. That's exactly what I would have done (except I don't have any diapers to put him in anymore). Sometimes, a little embarassment is what kids NEED. Alot of times, kids do things KNOWING that they're doing it just as a way to manipulate the parent (YES, Logan tries to manipulate me all the time). And if they're not going to listen to our reasoning and simple requests, then sometimes we need to be more firm about it. That's just my oppinion, though. Hopefully she'll realize now that your not joking and this poo-poo business is serious!

Lizzie Fish said...

EW, Carly went through that, too. SO GROSS. Hey, if the diaper works, DO IT. It's not shocking, it's just Mommy Being In Charge. P could have so easily won the gross-out war by pooing in her carseat, but poo goes in the potty. That's all! So the chart will work and here's to clean panties!

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