Tuesday, April 1, 2008


So, Liz challenged me the other day to join her in 30 days of fun. I don't think I ever replied back to her (you) but I am totally in- and I am actually on Day 3. Sunday we kicked it off with a spontaneous trip to Sea World, Day 2 was a Park Day with Logan and Boop, and today, Day 3 was a "field trip" to Paisley's new pre school. okay- that was kinda stretching it- but she had SOO much fun so it's gunna count!!!

The way I look at it- I can't REALLY do 30 completely different things for an entire month, so each thing will be different. If it happens to be the same park, I will make it two TOTALLY different days, like one day will be just park play, the next will be Kites at the park, and so on.... I am REALLY excited about this, and I hope you all can challenge yourself too!!! Spring is a GREAT time to do fun things.... enjoy the weather and lets have 30 days of FUN!!!!


Lizzie Fish said...

i like your list! did you put cottonwood creek park on there? DO IT. i am so homesick for that park. and...i'm stealing your idea for the column post. did you see my new shelf?

Our Family of Four said...

I saw your new shelf and LOVE IT. BTW- have you read the Baby Whisperer? If not, DO, before fischette arrives!

I soooo wish we had time for this. So much fun! We did make an impromptu stop at the circus sunday though so our lives are not all drudgery! And preschool... Yeah Paisley and mom ;o)

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