Saturday, April 12, 2008


Gosh darn Yellow Tail chardonay. I discovered the large bottle for 8$ last night- then I woke up this morning, only to discover a headache. I am not a white wine drinker. But I was last night :) Thankfully, I drank loads of water last night, and this morning- so it's not that bad.... I just feel a little pressure in the upper regions of my head!! Today is a beautiful day, and we have nothing to do. Maybe a virtual playdate with our best friends out of state....maybe a pool day at our house for Paisley..... maye a trip to the beach.. I dunno- but either way- I think I am taking my little ol' friend Mr. Headache with me.


Lizzie Fish said...

awww..that's us! why don't you guys head down to ella grace and buy an overpriced boutique-y dress! just NOT a pillowcase dress! i'm going to start cranking those babies out for REAL because you know they take all of six minutes to make!!! that's RIGHT!!!

give me the color scheme for p's party this year and I'LL make her dress. seriously! i'll even add ball fringe and i won't charge you the price of a small car.

Kalyn said...

Ummm.. yeah- NO. Definitely NOT going into Ella Grace b.c I would have to hand over my first born for a dress like Carly's. They do however have a GORGEOUS crib blanket for 100$ that I just might.... MIGHT.. consider letting them take out a lease on Paisley. Maybe.

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