Thursday, May 29, 2008

Grab a Kleenex- This Gets Mushy.

I am very emotional lately- and no, I am not on my period- and yes, I am still on Lexapro. :) I love my friends- and I miss my friends. Sometimes I wish it was how it used to be- but then I remember how lucky I am to have the life right now that I have always dreamed of. Is this too mushy yet?

Okay good.

I have some of the bestest friends in my life right now- some of which I would not be able to survive daily tasks without. Some I just email with occasionally- some hourly. You all know who you are- and I thank you, for being YOU. I wish there was endless money in the world so I could buy all the baby clothes for all my preggo friends, or make bills disappear for the others. All I want to do in life is make the ones I love happy- and I tend to take it personally when I can't. I want to be there for all of them, and let them all know how much I care as often as possible. I just wish I could make everyone happy, and that I could buy every scrapbooking accessory possible. Life would be good. Really, Really good.


Lizzie Fish said...

ohhh sweet k, you DO. and it doesn't take baby clothes or chipboard alphas to do it. just being who you are is the best gift.


we LOVE you

brooke2916 said...

Exactly what Liz said... only for me it's rub'ons!

We do love you... you are a wonderful friend!

Kalyn said...

I SWEAR I'm NOT fishing for compliments- I Just want you all to know how I feel. :) I love you girlies!!!!!!!

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