Friday, May 2, 2008


HIYA! I haven't been in a bloggy mood lately- sorry. I have been SOOO sleepy lately- and very slugish...I am finally getting back to "normal". :) Sunday is Brooke's shower that her Mom and I are throwing. I am SOOO excited for it- I can't say much because it is all a surprise to Brooke and seeing as she is one of the 5 readers of my blog- the details will have to wait. But let me tell you... it is going to be SOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Today the Kavanaugh's went to the beach. We had a great time for the most part. Paisley decided to disregard my 1-2-3 counting, and continue to run away from me- WAY away from me. As soon as she got back, or shall I say, I caught p with her- she got a swift hand to the booty. I don't normally like to spank her with huge crowds, but this was so un called for, and NOT okay- I knew I needed to. Like I have said before, I would rather have a Mad/Spanked child, then one abducted, or drowned!!! Desperate times call for desperate measures.

We leave for our cruise in just over a week. I am SOOOO excited! I can't wait!!!! My mom calls me every day, sometimes 3 times a day to tell me about all the fun and exciting things she has planned for her and Paisley. You see- this is the first time I will have left Paisley for more than one overnight. This will be five full nights- I will be away from my little Luver Bug. I am going to miss her SOO much, but I'm willing to bet, A Pina Colada can fix pretty quickly! :) Tee-hee-hee....

Okay- I am off to go run some last minute errands..... have a GRRRRRReat weekend- and I'll blog again more maybe tonight or this weekend!!



brooke2916 said...

oh my god. 5 whole nights?! Forget Paisley, what AM I going to do??!!Well, you deserve it... and I hope you have about 10 Pina Colladas for me!!

Oh, and I CAN'T WAIT for the party on Sunday!

Brandi said...

we're going to do 7 nights in June...gonna be hard and worth it all at the same time :) have a blast on the cruise.

Lizzie Fish said...

uh yeah, totally with you on the DON'T RUN AWAY FROM MOMMY pop on the tush. especially on a crowded beach! too many scary things!!!

and yay! i'm am SO excited for you and your cruise. you two have definitely EARNED it with as hard as you've both been working for the last couple of years. i cannot WAIT to see the photos. ooh! you're going to have so! hahaha

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