Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pizza & Fried Chicken

Today was a lovely day- I've always wanted to say " lovely" I never say it. I started off the morning by being lazy. I got up at 7 with Paisley, only to get on/in the couch two minutes after. I grabbed her a sippy of juice, put on morning cartoons, and did not move until "I NEEE you to WIPE MEEEEE" was screamed out. That was 5 minutes after I got comfortable. I decided to get creative, and make her a "Fun Plate" full of snacks after she had her breakfast. She has a little blow up bed that we take to Mimi & Papa's house- and she likes to sit in it (naked) and watch morning cartoons in her playroom. I told her to get in her blow up bed, (clothes on) and brought her in a full cup of juice, and a "fun plate" of apples, cheese slices, goldfish, and a few animal crackers. She thought she was in Heaven, you shoulda seen her face. :)

We just came back inside from playing outside, with the hose. I had some lawn watering to do (our grass is dying) and for the first time ever- Paisley seized the moment and dove head in. To the water, not the grass. She was running, jumping, leaping, drinking- she LOVED the hose water. Normally she gets kinda freaked out by water spraying IN her face- but today... she must have woke up and thought to herself "what a wonderful day to get sprayed in the face by my Mom.... and I wont even cry- I'll ask for more!!!" We were laughing together so hard. We even had a few passer by's smile and say that it looked fun! IT WAS FUN!!!

Now- she is lounging on the couch- calming down. Nap time is quickly approaching, and Mommy AND Paisley are taking a 2 hour nap today. Man- life is rough (today!)

**Speaking of rough- can you believe Tommy actually had the nerve to say to me while I was away in Co. and he was home watching Paisley that "this job is so easy- you've got it made!!" I straight up laughed in his face-er ear- YA RIGHT. do it for more than 36 hours!!!!!!!!

(and no. the title has NOTHING to do with this post.)


Lizzie Fish said...

btw - that day sounds AWESOME. hooray for fun plates! hooray for long naps!

Our Family of Four said...

does sound fun but what's up with Pizza and Fried Chicken. I so am an "inside the box" girl. Maybe that's why your the creative photographer and I'm the therapist :o)

Sarah D said...

Yeah, it was easy for him, cause' he probably wasn't ALSO trying to do all the daily tasks that come with running a household! Plus they are never the same with Mom! Why is it the second I walk through the door, it's time to whine!!

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