Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Steak Knives & Licorice

SO, I've been inspired by my friend Amanda, at shamelesslysassy.com to tell funny childhood stories here is my attempt:

When I was about 16 years old- my friend and I were going to have a sleepover at my house. We decided that we were going to sneek out of my parents house to go and see our crush's. My then boyfriend (or crush- what have you) lived about a mile away, in downtown Carlsbad. We knew what we had to do in order to sneek out- it was just he mile walk at 12 pm that was the difficult part. We threw on some dark clothes (because THAT would keep us safe) grabbed a steak knife for each of our sweatshirt pockets (because THAT would keep us safe) and some sour licorice for a snack. We didn't wear shoes, because we needed to be as stealth as possible- and god forbid someone heard us!! We gathered our courage and headed for my back door. Once we opened the creaky door, we had to cough as we shut it so it wouldn't wake my parents up . My Friend, backed up, as I tried to shut and lock the door, only to knock over a tera cotta pot that was holding the wound up hose. It crashed down and made such aloud noise... we ran back into the house, ran into my room, hid under the covers, and waited for my Mom to come and check on us. When my Mom finally came down, and asked if we were okay, we told her that we had heard some raccoons in the backyard, and they must have knocked something over. She told us good night- and went back upstairs.

*WHEW* The coast was clear.

20 minutes later, we tried again. This time, we made it past the broken tera cotta pot, dodged a sensor light, walked around the garage- shimmy'd past the trash cans and the stack of cut fire wood- dodged anthore sensor light and proceeded down the driveway. You see- my parents had installed about 4 sensor lights from the start of our backdoor, all the way to the street when I turned 14. They honestly thought that they would deter boys from coming to say hello to me- or from me sneeking out. Luckily we had local raccoons that frequently visited. THey have no idea how much the helped me through my High School Years! :)

We made it out of the house, through the sensor lights, and were now one with the night. HOORAY!!!! Now- it was the one mile trek to go see our boys! As we snacked on our sour licorice, and dodged headlights, we were so excited that we were on an adventure of our own... We were about half way when a yard full of dogs came jumping out at us, locked behind a fence, but VERY loud. We must have looked like someone was chasing us. The dogs couldn't get to us- but it sure was scary! We got to the bottom of the street and we stopped to catch our breath. My friend looks at me and says " I have to go poop. Let's go home." my jaw dropped. WHAT?? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? We were just over half way there and she wanted to go home?? I told her to just pull her pants down and go- she looked at me and laughed SO hard!!! We were right near a park, so I told her it would just look like a dog pooped there. ( I KNOW!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE ME???!!!!!) As we both laughed our butts off- we turned around and walked home.

I will never forget that night- from making up a story about a raccoon- to the steak knives in our pockets- to the dogs barking like we were robbing the place...... it was ONE of MANY memories that I will NEVER forget!!!

P.S we made it home- called our boys and told them we had to abort our mission, and that we'd see them at the beach the next day.


Lizzie Fish said...


i can completely see that happening!

uh, it was the raccoons, mom.


Shamelessly Sassy said...

Love it, You just gave me inspiration to write entries about all of the times I snuck out of my house as a teen. haha.

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