Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sticky Icky!

It's hot today. Really hot today. The kind of hot where it makes me want to sleep naked, wear nothing that is touching my body, and freeze Paisley's blanket so she has something cool to hold onto when she falls asleep. * I used to do that when I was a kid. :) I don't like hot. RIght now Paisley is sitting at the table playing with Play-doh. I mean, I don't think Play-doh is all that bad, but I do understand why all the parents I know don't let their kids play with it. Man- that shit gets EVERYWHERE!!!!! Well, I better go. My thighs are starting to stick together (more than usual) while I am sitting at the computer, and I need to go eat some pasgetti play-doh.

Until later, when it's not as sticky out.

Your Stick-a-fied Friend.


Steph said...

My mom was one of those that won't let us play with play dough! It was okay to play with it at other people's homes, but I think because she hated it so much it made me dislike it too...YUCK - that stuff does get every where!!!

And the whole thighs sticking together...that is the worst...I tend to not wear skirts for that reason alone!!

Hope you cool off!! :)

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