Monday, September 1, 2008

Liz Update!

Hey all.... please say a little prayer (or whatever you chose) for the Fisher Family. I am glued to The Weather Channel and Gustav is getting a little too close for (my) comfort. They are saying that the next 2-4 hours is going to be the worst of it for Baton Rouge. Liz said their wind gusts are around 40 mph, but the Weather Channel is reporting winds up to 90 mph. I just got off the phone with Liz, and she said "nothing is flying through the air yet" Ummm. Hello? Does anyone else think that is just CRAZY??? I told her to call me is she sees a cat or dog fly past her window. :o

So, keep your fingers crossed that this passes them soon, and that they don't have to have their fence re-done (AGAIN!!) or completely re stock their fridge- or buy all new trees for their yard! YIKES!!!


Our Family of Four said...

Thanks for the update I've been thinking about her all night!

brooke2916 said...

Have you heard anything else since yesterday? Hope they are doing okay.

McCoyFamily said...

Any word yet? Looks like the storm passed hope all is well in Baton Rouge!

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