Monday, October 13, 2008

Anyone Got an Extra Broom?

So, ask me what I have been doing for the past 30 minutes? Go ahead, ask.

Well, Tommy and I have been chasing a rat stuck to the sticky trap around my garage. All while Paisley was asleep dreaming of dandelions and butterflies in the next room.

Okay- picture this: Tommy and I nestled up all close on the couch, him in his boxer briefs and a shirt, me in my comfies watching a show that I had DVR'd, when I hear this scratchy noise. I pause the TV, and listen some more. Tommy hears it this time. I tell him to get up and go see what or who is making that noise. I'm hoping it's the neighbors sanding some wood or something....... IT'S NOT!!!

Tommy runs back in (still in his undies) and says a rat is half stuck onto the sticky trap and it is under my car. I jump up- put myself in panic mode and say "What do we do- what do we do!!??" He says "We have to drown it!" (*Yes- insert my puzzled look here) He runs into our room, throws on his Fire Boots (still in his undies) I throw on my flip flops- and we head for the garage. I see it now, out from under my car, snuggled up with Paisley's Beach Toys (in a basket). I'm too afraid to walk by it- so T opens the garage, and I jump into the car and pull it into the driveway! Tommy gets our new broom (we used the last one one the last dead rat) and scoops it up into our trash can. We stood there for a few seconds staring at each other. He was out of breath- I was antsy. It was still trying to get itself off the sticky trap, but by moving itself so much, it was now fully on the trap. I made the mistake of looking down into the trash can- and it looked at me. It was calling me to set it free. I wanted to- but I couldn't. I have a 3 year old to protect now. I don't want no disease filled rat, free in my neighbor hood. You see- I am a HUGE animal lover- all animals actually. It was killing me knowing that in about 3 secinds T was going to walk out with a big bucket of water, and drown it. :( AS Tommy walked out with a big bucket of water, I thought to myself- how is this going to work? He poured it in and said "SHIT! It's not deep enough!" It took him 3 trips to fill it up enough to drown the rat. Even then, it floated a little. Tommy grabbed our empty propane tank and dropped in it. I know- EEEEK. It managed to climb up the side a little, and wedge it's head between the propane tank and the wall of the trash can so it could survive. It didn't. Tommy kicked the trash can- and the propane tank smushed it.

I said a little prayer for the rat. I feel bad that it was a stressful event. I mean, all he wanted was that little piece of cheese. :( Okay.... I'll stop now. I hope you all enjoyed my story- hopefully we will catch anymore if there are any!!! Maybe this time it will just die politely on the sticky trap like the first one did!

(Sorry, this got REALLY long!)


Lizzie Fish said...





McCoyFamily said...

That's great....

fire boots and her confies

This story is pricless!

Our Family of Four said...

You see this is why I DON'T LIKE STICKY TRAPS!!! Someone still has to kill the bugger. We prefer the more human snap trap, hopefully on the head. Ah lovely conversation! Hope he was the last of 'em.

Steph said...

ooohhh - I kind of feel bad for the (nasty) rat!!

I think sticky traps are kind of mean...I'm with Michelle...just snap it's head/neck (now doesn't that sound nice?)

But regardless...I'm glad you got that sucker and it didn't make it in your house!!!

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