Sunday, October 19, 2008

Blah, Blah, Blah...

I about put the smack down tonight. (not really, it jut sounds good!) What is it with dinner times for us lately? Paisley is just so slooow at eating. I gave her 2 warnings- then she lost the TV (Our first problem). She was not happy about this punishment, so she started yelling at me me and screaming at me. So I put her in a time out. After her 3 minute time out she had to get back in her chair and finish, which she wasn't happy about doing (I'm sorry- I will not send her to bed w/ o eating anything) I explained to her that it is important to have some good food in out tummy before we go to bed. She got it- and obliged. *WHEW* It has been such a struggle lately with this child.

Tonight, I watched that show on the Duggar family, "17 and Counting", or something like that. WOW. I can not believe their 22 year old son is getting married to a girl that he hasn't kissed, or barely hugged! I mean I am a believer of "to each his own" but WOW! And most of their kids want to have a "courtship" too. If I was 22 and my parents wanted me to have a chaperon so we wouldn't do anything "bad" like kiss....I would have ran away to the red light district!

okay- that's all I've got in me tonight. I am D-O-N-E. I am off to go make some hot tea, and curl up on the couch and watch some Desperate House Wives.

Have a GREAT Monday everyone!


Anna said...

I watched that show on the Duggars too! I couldn't wrap my mind around the fact they don't it seemed weird to accept an engagement ring and then hug and not kiss. And the chaperone thing would drive me nuts! LOL.

Brandi said...

I watched it too. I actually saw their first documentary years ago when they only had 15 or so kids. It blows my mind. I thought it was so akward when he proposed, she said yes, then they kinda did a side hug. Strange.

brooke2916 said...

What is it with our kids not eating?? Arg, so frustrating!! I feel your pain!!

I missed the show... I've seen a few docu's on them, though. I wish I would have seen it, I've always found them to be interesting.

Kalyn said...

Boop- they are on every Monday night at 10 on TLC :) OOH That's tonight!

McCoyFamily said...

Patrick is the worst eater to I'm not sure what to do...Hopefully it will get better soon:)Tired of the tantrums and the 3's already!

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