Sunday, October 12, 2008


Tommy just took Paisley to the park for a few hours before he leaves for the Chargers/Patriot game! I love my alone time. Now, I just better get off the computer before I get sucked in and I hear the garage door open! :) Have a GREAT Sunday everyone!!!

** Did I mention that I got to sleep in today too?? NICE!!!


Jenny said...

Hey Kalyn don't you wish we could go to a 5 oclock football game and leave at noon! We'll have to try it. Have a good day come visit soon.

Our Family of Four said...

It is soooo nice to get a few hours free. I'm not sure the working folks can truely appreciate that sentiment.

Kalyn said...

Hahahahaha..... I was thinking the SAME thing today. I asked him what time the game was, and he said 5. I looked at him and said " sooo, you "have" to leave at 12?" Hmmm.... must be nice! :)

Brandi said...

Alone time at home is the best.

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