Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fruit and Paisley

After talking with Liz about her Fruit Dilemma at Carly's school, I decided to let Paisley pick out 2 new fruits for us to try. Her first choice was a pineapple. Her second fruit was a pear. Nothing to weird or abnormal- but I figured it was a start. We cut open the pears yesterday- and she pretty much ate one entire pear all by herself. She thought they were WAY better then canned! :) ATTA GIRL. Today we cut open the "Spiky Fruit" Pineapple. She was excited to see inside and she rally likes the top of the pineapple, but could have cared less about watching me cut it open. After I sliced it all up, Tommy took a piece, I took a piece, and Paisley kindly said "no thank you."
(insert puzzled look here)
Normally she is really into Pineapple. In fact, she loves it. I cut up a few pieces and told her she could have some when she wanted to- but she didn't want any. This is a re occurring problem with us lately. Paisley is my 3 foot tall roller coaster. One minute she is happy, the next she is mad. THen she is crying b/c her sock is slipping off- then mad at it because it wont come off. (sigh) What are you gonna do???

Alrighty..... I am off to go watch Alladin w/ my mini mood swing- catch up with you later! :)


Lizzie Fish said...

omg! carly did the SAME thing! and she's off the baby carrots. she did eat an entire stack of carrot shavings that were supposed to go into muffins...it's to make sure we REALLY appreciate them when they're older.

haha! and thanks for being so sweet to me when i was yakking your ear off about NOTHING. =)

Brandi said...

they are bipolar...seriously. Ryan randomly goes on a grape strike even though they are his favorite. he looks at me like i am insane for offering them to him, even though he just ate them the day before. No clue.

Anonymous said...

My child will ONLY eat bananas and applesauce-that is it for fruit....makes me crazy but whatever-he chooses bananas over cookies so I am cool with that! About the mood swings....I was at a workshop last night-for my teacher certification-but it was very interesting-about "The spirited child." There is a parenting book called "Raising your Spirited Child"-all about behavior and temperment.(spelling?) Turns out nathan and I have the SAME temperment which explains why the child is so easy....every other person in the room had behavior issues but they had completely opposite temperments from their kids-I think they hated me!

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