Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I ( heart ) The Gym

Okay, so I know this sounds totally weird, but I love going to the gym SO much. For so many reasons too. Right now I am craving the sweat. I love dripping sweat off my chin, and seeing my arms glow. ILOVE it. I think that alone, is going to help me lose weight. I never liked sweat before. In fact I used to tell people " I don't sweat!" and yes, my nose was stuck up high too. But I think that quote alone is why I got where I am today. 50 lbs over weight! Exercising is a whole new love for me- and I can see why people enjoy it so much!

Another reason I love the gym so much is because I love people watching. I think it would be sooo funny to take photos of people in the gym, and make a coffee table book on some of their outfits! OMG!!! (oh-em-gee...hahaha)Some people man, they've got NO clue!!! We've got older men, probably in their late 50's, in T-shirts where it is a shirt in the front, then the one long strip down their back. And Yes, they have pony tails and handle bar mustache's! EW! We've got OLLLLD ladies wearing far too tight of spandex. (not to mention the lack of sports bra support!) THEN- we have the muscle men who wear really weird things. Why? It's not like the outfits makes them stronger!!! There are two men who jumprope. They jump rope traditionally, and then they swing it all over the place. My trainer and I always giggle!!! There is a really fit gal who all she does is dance. She'll go to the free weights and dance before she does a set, then dance's while she is lifting, then dances after. She's got music on her ipod, I wonder what she listens to?! Then..... there is this one guy is about 7 feet tall (no joke) and wears itty bitty lace up spandex things. They are SO gross. I never thought a man could get a camel toe, but he proved me wrong!

I love the gym, and I am so excited to see how my body changes over the next few months. By December I will look different. By March, I will look VERY different, and by June, I will look so different, not even my bet friends will recognize me...... and I love it.


Anna said...

Go K! I need some of that motivation as I lack it. I need to get there though. LOL.

Lizzie Fish said...

hey anna! go to the fischpond and leave your email address this time. i'd love to co-stalk you...but i don't know how to get in touch with you! okay thx!

anyway, kalyn, this is a SUPER post. i love that gym anyway, and you are sooooo right. if you can try to go at different times of the day, the show changes. =) hehe

so proud of you so excited for you!

Our Family of Four said...

Yes, I believe LizzieFish and I could both use some of your motivation. Good for you! And I think the coffee table book is an awesome idea - bet you could sell it to tons of gyms. Now to get permission for all those photos...

Steph said...

I love this post!! I think you and I could have some serious fun at the gym...I LOVE watching gym people (I wonder how many people laugh at me!!)!!

I love the guys that have the big old beer guts and bench press a TON of weight...but that is ALL they do!!! They have a huge barrell chest - a big gut - and long nasty pony tails...and they wear 1980 "hammer" pants. Oh, and their horrible!!! So funny to watch - and when they are done, they walk with "air lats" - you know, with their chest out, their arms out and not touching their there is a lot of air between their arms and their lats.

Oh boy!! So funny!! If you do ever make that book...I'm buying a copy!! :)

Also - I'm so super excited for you! I can't wait to see your "before" and "after" pictures! Keep it up - it really is AWESOME!! :)

Kalyn said...

Thanks for the support everyone! :)

Stephanie... yes- I see those "Air Lats" too. They CRACK me up. I also see the wanna be pro football players that are 10 years past their prime. They do the ladder (taped on the ground) and do their funny little foot steps in and around the ladder. It makes me giggle!!

Brandi said...

I freakin hate the gym...someday I will use you as motivation. You are right about people watching. We went to 24hr in O'side for a year. Oh my.

McCoyFamily said...

Wow I wish you could motivate me to start working out:) Your amazing!!!

I used to love people watching at the Gym as well some of the things people choose to wear in public should be against the law!

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