Sunday, November 2, 2008

My, All Over The Place, Post:

I'm not very good with posting lately. Sorry. Since I started going to the gym every day, I spend NO time on the computer. Good for my A@@, bad for you.

Let's see.... I went out for Halloween night with my favorite hubby of mine. We had a REALLY good time. I dressed as a Peacock, Just hair and makeup, and Tommy was a Pirate. A really good looking Pirate if I do say so myself :) We went to my Best Friends Bar that her and her Husband own, and as usual, we had a BLAST!

I can't believe it is November already!!! I have already started my Christmas Shopping, so our hall closet is getting filled daily. Today we cruised to Carlsbad Street Fair as a family, and we had a lot of fun. I have been going to the street fair since I was 10. If not younger. I usually go every May and every Nov. I just love it! Today we bought Paisley the most adorable (soft form) backpack. It is bright blue, with a horse on the front and he is in a carrier ON the backpack. She saw it as we passed by and was in LOVE with it. I snuck back by and bought it and will wait until Christmas. IT is SUPER cute! I also bought her a SUPER cute Bright blue (whoa, I must be into blue right now) hat. Paisley looks so cute in hats, so I always am on the look out for fun new hats for her to wear! :)

Today actually feels like fall. It was cold and breezy this morning. Then it started to rain. The asphalt was wet (and smelled like rain- my FAVORITE!) and now the sun is peaking out. I love the Fall, and I am excited to start doing fall activities and getting ready to wear scarves and sweaters! YAY!


Our Family of Four said...

Oh sometimes you make me so sad for Cali! The peacock was a great idea- love the photos as usual.

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