Tuesday, November 25, 2008


It's quiet. It's a rare thing in this house. Despite the fact that I am home without Tommy 75% of the time, I rarely hear nothing. Paisley is down for her nap, Tommy is on the couch studying for paramedic school and I am on the computer. Usually the TV is left on, the phone is ringing, or I have my music on in the background..... there is always something. However, right now, all I hear are the keys on the keyboard. It's calming.

Today and tomorrow is the calm before the storm. We don't have many people coming over for Thanksgiving, but it is always such a fiasco. No matter how many people come over. Don't get me wrong. I love the happy fiasco of it all. Today I set up my table, put the leaf in, put out my ADORABLE tablecloth and created my centerpiece. I love centerpieces. Tomorrow I will do some detail cleaning in and around the house, then Thursday morning I begin cooking. We will be eating at 3 so it allows me time for preparation. Tommy and I are going to go and buy new lights for the outside of the house today. We bought new ones last year, but they aren't very bright. And I mean it when I say that. They are soooo dim, you can only see them if you are right in front of the house- so this year.... we're going BRIGHT! :) We have a new lit deer for our front yard- Paisley is SO excited about that. Then we have candy canes to line our walkway. I am getting so exited that the Holidays are finally here... I just love them!


Our Family of Four said...

YEAH so fun! I was bummed that we were moving to apt because no lights but lucky us we have 3 large balconies, 2 in the front, so we can decorate them!

Anonymous said...

And isn't it just the best with our now 3 year old munchkins! They really "get it" this year and it's so fun! Kate

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