Friday, December 26, 2008

Welcome Home

I did it. I braved the masses, and went to Target.

I have been waiting since Thanksgiving for this little jewel. Yes, I could have paid the very cheap, full price of 29.99 for this little item, but I decided to give myself a little lesson in patience.

THis morning I decided to brave the masses and go to the 50% off Christmas Sale at Target. I walked up to the Isle where the Advent Calendar (House's) last were, and as I approached them, I didn't see mine. I got SO sad so fast!!! Then, through the thick of eggnog filled people, and broken bulbs, and unwound garland- I saw it, on it's back. My JEWEL!!!

Welcome Home little guy.... I have been waiting for you!!!!

P.S Tree Sold Separately.
P.P.S Did I mention I got another 10% off for some chipped paint? NICE!!


Our Family of Four said...

SOOO lucky and so cute!

Anna said...

aw i love it! i braved it today and got some really cute ornaments for like nothing!!! :)

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