Sunday, January 18, 2009

Deceptive yet TOTALLY Delicious

It works.... and it's amazing. I've never seen my child take such big bites, or ask for more. Honestly.

Today I decided to (finally) puree a bunch of fruits and veggies. I put Paisley down for her nap at 1 and went into the kitchen and started steaming Butternut Squash, Carrots, and Spaghetti Squash. For the second round, I steamed Broccoli, Cauliflower and pureed a banana. When I sat down, it was just a little after 2. I couldn't believe how fast it actually was. It didn't take nearly as long as I had expected. I put all my puree in the soft muffin tins. Except they aren't tins. They're rubber. It made for easy popping out. once they froze, I put them all in freezer bags for recipes I'll make this week.

Tonight, for dinner, I made Grilled Chicken, Mozz. Sticks w/ hidden Cauliflower and Buttered Noodles with hidden Cauliflower. Paisley ate it all. Like All. Tomorrow, for breakfast, I am making Banana French Toast. You take some purred bananas and add it to the egg mixture that you dip your bread in. YUM! I'm really excited to try that one. :) Tonight, I got so excited, I ran (back) to the grocery store and bought 6 apples. When I got home I peeled them, cored them (I'm lying. I made my mom do all that) then cut them up into slices. Added some cinnamon and put them in an empty pot. They got soft and I pureed them. OMG...... warm, home made applesauce is right up there with the big "O". Sorry. TMI? But really.... you should try it. It's DE-licious!

I am so excited for this new chapter of healthier eating in our family... It kinda makes me want to have another baby so I can make all the baby food from home. Kinda. 


Lizzie Fish said...

are you already pregnant? this is the second time in two days you've mentioned that.



tommy starts his NINE MONTH school really, really soon.

i will be trying those cinnamon apples with a quickness. sweet! did you know we got organic apples at target for sixty cents LESS than normal apples? sweet.

Anna said...

ooooo sounds delicious! I made all of our kids' baby foods when they were babies and it wasn't that bad. I would just do it when they were in bed and freeze it and thaw out the portions I needed. :) I have a book that has some good baby recipes too...if you ever need....I'll actually go look for it and give you a title bc I can't remember it off hand right now. :) Are there any plans for another future little one soon? Sorry I had to ask!

Anonymous said...

oh, you are so good-I NEED to be doing the same for Mr Picky eater in my house! So you are starting to get kinda get baby fever again??!!! That is exciting! I wish I'd catch that fever rather than the nasty winter virus I have now! enough of this snow and cold! Keep us blog readers posted on any baby news. Happy cooking and eating! kate

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