Sunday, January 11, 2009

Flickr Fun!!!

This was SUPER* fun. Answer the following questions, by typing in your answer on Flickr (in the search bar) with one word. Choose the first photo that comes up! I only cheated like 2 times, and found a better photo! :)

* other than the tedious process of saving each photo, then finding it's place b/c blogger sucks!

1. Name?

2. Age?

3.Where did you go to school?

4.Then what did you do?

5. ...and then what?

6. What do you want to be when you grow up?

7. Favorite Beverage 

8. Favorite Food

9. Favorite Dessert

10. Celebrity Crush
11. Dream Vacation?

12. Recent Dreams

13. What is your favorite Disney Princess?

14. Favorite Moments?

15. One word that describes you
* Don't get excited..... I meant "Positive" not PREGNANT!!! 


Ghia said...

OMG. I didn't read the little * until after I was already freaking out! Haha...cute little meme--I like it!

Lizzie Fish said...

sigh....i'll wait. i love the pissed off chick =)

Our Family of Four said...

LOL!!! Positive...

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