Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Challenge: To Have Fun

I've decided to start challenging myself again with how I can be a better Mommy. It never hurts right? This is going to be kinda like the 30 days of fun- but with a different twist on it. I'm going to turn the TV off- and play.

Over at My Charming Kids they have snow. LOTS of snow. She is having her readers write in what indoor activities they participate in, and it got me thinking.... just because there is no snow here, it doesn't mean I can't come up with new and creative indoor play- or better yet, taking it outdoors! I am a firm believer that Paisley can learn more from what she experiences that what a book can teach her. I have a mental list of the fun things we will be doing, but I'd love to hear what ideas you all come up with. Please post in the comments anything fun that Paisley and I can do together! YOu get bonus points if you can include Tommy in it! :)


Anonymous said...

I loved that link over to the other blog and I love your challenge to yourself. So here are my ideas:
-make homemade pretzels in the shapes of letters or numbers
-make something with recyclables-we did a robot yesterday
-make a bird feeder with either peanut butter or frosting on a pinecone and cover with seeds
-puppets: make from lunch bags or socks, make a background, use a box to do a theater and put on a show
-homemade Valentine's with glitter glue and stickers
-hide and seek
-If I think of more I'll post....

Anonymous said...

oh, and that was me above, kate from maine

Mo Fabulous said...

Um, I'm not a mom so I have no idea, but I had to leave a comment. You are such a GREAT mom to think about these things. The world needs more moms like you.

Kalyn said...

Awww... thanks Mo! :)

Kate.... GREAT ideas!! I knew you Snow People would pull through! :)

Anonymous said...

Snow People...ha ha ha! I like that!
-My saving grace: Little Tikes Bounce House-currently set up in what we call the "Baby's Room" although no baby and no baby on the way. But you Sun People probably don't need that!
-color noodles with food coloring and then use yarn and string to make necklaces or use cereal and candy and eat them!
-paint a clay pot and take a trip to the store to get some seeds to plant and nurture (oh boy I wish we could do this)
-we use Legos and blocks to make zoos for the zoo animals, garages for the matchbox cars, houses, grocery stores and candy store-we make a whole village!
-put in an aerobic video and tune into fit tv on demand-it's funny to watch a 3year old's rendition-N likes Zumba!
-make homemade playdough and use cookie cutters to play instead of the standard playdough toys-
-We just started getting High Five Highlights magazine and it's a huge hit. Seriously, we spent an hour with it the other day!
-Moon Sand is cool if you can stand the mess. We have it in the sand table in the basement currently
-rice and beans in the water table (without the water) is fun
-I'd like some SUN and WARMTH sent my way PLEASE! We MISS the beach and the grass!!!!
and I agree with MO-you are an awesome Mom!

Anna said...

Look at my newest post on my blog...we did a fun craft using golf balls, paint, paper, and a box at the museum today! I had never seen/thought of it before.

Emily ~ Little Window Shoppe said...

Indoor activities, we've been trying to be creative this year too. We love play dough and blowing bubbles...mostly because my toddler is so excited about them. I love the puppets idea...

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