Sunday, March 8, 2009

My lil' Dr. Doolittle.

Today we got a goldfish. Her name is Crush. Like the soda, not the turtle on Finding Nemo. She is pretty darn cute, and she is about the size of a key lime.

As we drove home, Paisley was holding the fishy bag and it was so sweet hearing her talk to her. She was saying things like " It's okay Crush... we're almost home now!" and " I'll give you lots of food today. Okay?" Paisley is really sweet when it comes to things like animals. She loves all of them.

The other day we went and saw a friends new loft in downtown Oceanside, and her boyfriend has two lizards. Well, after she played with both the Mama and the baby lizard- she asked if she could play with the crickets. Their food! The Boyfriend actually let her take one home. It died 2 hours later. :) However, when it was alive, she let it crawl all over her arm and if it dropped or jumped off her she would say "Come here lil' cricket!" and pick it right back up.

Yesterday she was collecting rollie polies. At one point she had about 12. THe best part was, they'd all be rolled up and then all of a sudden two would start going one way, one would go the other way, and three would go a different way. She would scream and get frustrated.... I was laughing SO hard!!! She also thought it was necessary to put "blankets" on them. They were leaves from a tree, and each time she would cover it up, she'd squish it. :(

Paisley constantly keeps me laughing... I wonder what animal she will find next!!!


McCoyFamily said...

I love how motherly Paisley is she already wants to cover up her babies even if there just Bugs:)

Kalyn said...


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