Saturday, April 18, 2009

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!

I can't believe it has been over a year since I have seen one of my closest, best friends! I can't believe I get to hold her EIGHT month old baby girl for the first time, I can't believe I get to stay in her first bough home. I can't believe someone is going to cook for me! I can't believe how much I have missed seeing our girls do their all time famous "Tackle-Hug". I can't believe that we get to sit on her porch (who cares if she doesn't have a porch, in my mind, she does) and drink a Coke Zero together. I can't believe it....... 3 days!!!!


Lizzie Fish said...

WE HAVE A PORCH!!!!! It has an awesome, and soul-moving view, too. Large apartments. Suh-WEET.

DUDE - almost a YEAR AND A HALF!

and it feels like a week and a half


Kalyn said...


I can't believe you have a porch! :) GESSH. I guess my visions of the south really are true! ;)

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