Friday, May 25, 2007

Gas. Not the fart kind- car kind.

I am trying to decide which is worse, gas prices being $3.39 a gallon, and owning a SUV where it takes 57$ to fill it up, or running over a piece of metal on the freeway, it jumping up nicking your gas tank, and WATCHING your newly filled 57$ gas run down your driveway. Both seem pretty bad to me.
Today, Tommy and I were coming home from the beach, we were exiting the freeway and we saw a small piece of metal on the road, he tried to go around it but then we heard a loud "ba-dunk from under the car WHOOPS. We thought nothing (major) of it. A few short minutes later, we were entering our complex when Tommy noticed a car that had been following us since the freeway. He told me that he though this person was following us, and he was getting all weird. You know- all masculine. When we entered the complex I told him to "get over it" and that they probably lived here. Then when we winded the curve to our carport, he started getting even weirder. We stopped. They stopped. Tommy jumped out of the car like a mad man- and though he was going to fight. ( I know, men. Always in the fight or flight mode) I opened the door- and the guy says to us- "Dude- you've been leaking fuel since the freeway"

Me: @#^$&* ......I KNEW IT.

Tommy: @&^@ - %&^@*

Yes. That nice piece of metal jumped up and put a hole in my gas tank. Niiiiiiiiice. We ended up having to call the Fire Department, so they could handle the "spill" and then release my car to AAA to then have it towed to NISSAN to then, not have them look at it until Tuesday. I LOVE 3 day weekends. :)

*I must mention that Little Miss Me, googled recalls only to find that there were problems with the location of gas tanks in 2006 Muranos- so it is most likely covered, for FREE :) Me= Happy. :)


Brandi said...

We bottomed out in my camaro in Del Mar one time. Put a hole in the oil tank!

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