Friday, May 25, 2007


So, last night I was able to take advantage of my "Me" time, far more than I enjoy. SDG&E turned off our city blocks electricity for 8 hours. They were doing some "routine maintenance" on the wires and stuff. So, I got all prepared to go you know, camping in my own home. I gathered candles, lighters, water, hot tea, and a cell phone. ( ok, ok.... I guess it wasn't THAT much like the stone-age but it was to me! ) I had no T.V, no land line, no Computer, no lights, NADA!!! I was fully prepared at 9:28- and was kinda nervous about the shut off. I went outside, and looked up at the stars, and right then, *BAM* no more lights. It was SOOOOO dark. The only lights were the green exit signs in the stairwells. It was kinda funny for like 5 minutes, everyone came out on their balcony and was hooting and hollering. Brought me RIGHT back to college. I swear! Then- I got scared. Like really scared. The kind of scared when you are skinny dipping at night, in the ocean, and you start thinking, what if there is a shark under me, and it is about to bite my toes, and then you start kicking really fast. (WHAT??? LIke you've never done it?!) I ran and hopped into bed and called Tommy. Oh yeah..... did I forget to mention he was working? So, I thought I could read a book- but to my surprise, candle light IS in fact bright enough to show off every stretch mark or dimple of cellulite during "adult" time, but NOT bright enough to read a book. SO I went to bed.


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