Monday, May 28, 2007

Monday Morning

..isn't there a song that says that?

Ok- so last night as I was trying to fall asleep, I started thinking about things I really like, and things I don't like. So I decided to make a mental list, and write it now. Here goes nothing.

LIKES: Water, "Mommy Macaroni" birds chirping, almonds, fruit roll ups, warm sun on a cool day, campfires, Vodka (ketle one) tonic's with 2 limes, friends that make me laugh, Solvang Ca., Fog, Snow cones, camping, music, brunch, shoes, Kauai, the number 28, mexican food, yoga, old photo albums, reality T.V, money, movies in the theatre, BBQ's, water (pool) and of course.... tons of other things!!!

DISLIKES: Chipped nail polish, dry chicken, barking dogs, 90degree+ weather, know-it-alls, laundry, toilet paper when it comes under the roll, 1,000 Island dressing, hedgehogs, Rock music, dirt, raw meat, the smell of gas or fresh cut grass, loud kids, slow computers, traffic, pencils, dust, stretch marks, idea stealers, The Wiggles, people who say the same thing over and over, math, drunk A@@'s , liars, sand, fly's, bacon bits, burnt toast, .....and still- many more things, but let's focus on the positives.

Have a happy Monday, and I challenge you to write a list of happy thing in your life. Sometimes seeing the things you enjoy down on paper, brings happiness to your life.


Liz said...

you are so funny. you are so funny. you are so funny. you are so funny. you are so funny.

oh wait. oh no!

just pretend i didn't write the same sentence over and over. in fact, i DIDN'T actually write the same sentence over and over. you must be making things up.

Brandi said...

ok..i'll make a list and put it on my blog so you gotta go look

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