Saturday, May 12, 2007


SO, today, I actually caught a tater tot on fire. Believe you me, I never thought those words would ever come out of my mouth. For starters- I don't "do" tater tots. But in this household- I am trying new breakfast ideas for my little sweet P. So- I made Tommy and P a breakfast burrito with eggs, cheese, salsa, sour cream- and tater tots. One must have jumped off the tray- they have legs now- and slipped under the actual floor of the oven. To my surprise today while cooking Tommy's dinner for work (French Onion crusted Chicken, sounds harder than it really is) I see flames coming out of the floor of my oven. To my surprise- it was a little tot. :) I tried using a poker thing to get it- it slightly resembled that game as a child, "Operation" every time I would try to pull it out- it would drop off the poker thing. SO then the man of the house himself came in, ever so swiftly put on the "OVE-GLOVE" and used yet another "AS SEEN ON TV" utensil- the egg grabber. He tried only once- and grabbed the first half- then again- and grabbed the rest!!! YAY!!! My hero!!!


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