Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday Funday

So, today we have the BEST day ever planned. Paisley and I are on our way out to go walk/jog over to the park. (not the one in my complex- the one a mile or so away, c'mon. I'm not THAT lazy!) Where we will play for an hour or more, eat a few snacks (her, not I) then jog home, then once we are home, we will have a healthy lunch- then we get to paint, draw on the sidewalk, whatever we feel like, then later today, we meet up with the Fischer girls at Sprouts (the best produce place EVER) and plan our evening meals... then let the girls have a mini slumber party, while we SCRAP till all hours of the night. Yes- we are going to freeze other peoples bras, go toilet papering, and gossip about the latest Jr. High Drama. ok- well maybe not freeze any bras, but that would be fun wouldn't it?

WOW.... UBER-fun wouldn't you say?


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