Sunday, June 17, 2007

This just in

I am excited to announce that the lady in the corner apt. in the corner building, has put up a new, HUGE bouquet of flowers. There are Purple and yellow Tulips!!! They look sooooo beautiful, and make me smile from ear to ear when I drive in. Then I hear that damn dog bark that lives across from me, and my smile is quickly replaced with teeth gritting. (is that a word?)

Next on the list is Funday Friday... we had a sleep-over with the Fischer girls and it was SOOO much fun. :) Maybe more for Liz and I than the kids. They were sound asleep by 7pm. There was no gossiping, and no freezing bras, but by god, there was karaoke involved- and there was Scrapping!!! :)

Here is a photo of the girls at 7am. BTW- I just have to share what woke me up in the morning, I heard Carly say " I want my peace-peace, and Kaynin!!!" SOOO CUTE. I know!


Brandi said...

What a blast! The girls could not be anymore sweet. I was getting worried about the flower lady.

Ghia said...

Your girls are beautiful!! Look at their pretty hair...sigh...maybe one day (not anytime soon, though) I'll get a girl :o)

ps---I'm working on that blog...I just feel like I don't have anything interesting to share!

Liz said...

ohh...thanks you guys!

ghia - you are a freaking riot. if you just talked about what you do in the course of a day, i'd probably fall off my chair laughing on a regular basis. it's all in the way you phrase it. =)

oh yah - also .... have you seen oriental trading company for scrapbooking stuff! yikes!

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