Wednesday, June 20, 2007

It's a Webber

SO, the lady on the corner with the flowers got a new BBQ. Its a Weber. It looks all new and shiny. Kinda pritty. :)

I got to thinking, I haven't told all yall, the good news...

So I called the Management about TDBD (That Damn Barking Dog) *Speak of the devil itself, and they told me not to worry the problem will be over soon enough. I wasn't quite sure what she was talking about, so I asked her to explain. She told me there wasn't much she could say except she told me they were moving. YAY!!! (insert Kalyn's best happy dance, with a booty shake and arms flailing in the air.)Her and I got to talking about if my complaints were out of control, and if I was wrong, she told me that she has been getting A LOT of complaints, and she herself didn't understand that after numerous requests from management, why she never did anything about it. So- she is OUT!!! I am SOOOO excited. The funny part was the day before I called management, Tommy and I noticed the old hag, a.k.a owner, was pulling out moving boxes from her broom closet. I got very excited like a cocker spaniel and almost wet myself, but was then quickly dissapointed when I saw her using them as a blockade so the dogs couldn't see out the fence- which in hopes would stop their barking... but didn't.

SO- I was right (yet again) and they are O-U-T-T-A H-E-R-E... well, I am assuming within the next month... but this couldn't be anything but the BEST news for me and my neurotic little life of mine. :)


Brandi said...

Hasta la vista perro!!! I am a dog lover (have 2) but there is no reason a barking dog should be left outside. Especially in an apartment where everyone is so close. Our dogs are inside 90% of the time. We put our posessions at risk so others wouldn't possibly have to hear them.

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