Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Is Paisley language for Kitchen. :) We bought her one today. I was SOOO excited about this purchase, or shall I say STEAL, that I had to tell. :) We were on our way to the second happiest place on Earth, Toys R Us, and all of a sudden, I remembered this place called 'Once Upon a Child" , a second hand store for kids. It has all new/used stuff, and for SUPER cheap!!! So I called them, and asked if they had any "Ki-in's" they sounded really caught of guard, so I repeated my question. They said it should be there is about 2 hours. So then, I replied caught off guard. :) Turns out, someone was bringing in a new/used kitchen in 2 hours!!! So, we went to Toys R Us and looked at the 5 different types of Kitchens and decided that 156$ was just too much to spend right now on a kitchen. As we were leaving the shopping center, I ran into Once Upon a Child, and the lady had just brought it in. They were cleaning it- it was PERFECT!!! It was small, but not to small, big, but not to big... it was JUSSSSST RIIIGHT! :) We bought the kitchen for a grand total of 20$ !! Can you believe it????? Then- I saw some of the cutest little girl clothes for $1.50 each! Needless to say- it is my new favorite place!

Pictures to come later ;)


Brandi said...

Ok, we have a version of one of those stores here. I'm gonna check it out!

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