Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Two things... maybe three

We went to the San Diego County Fair; Locals say Del Mar Fair, and had SUCH a great time as a family. Tommy's Mom gave us our free tickets, and did everything!! Paisley got to see Cows, Goats, and Sheep up close, we watched a Pig race (THAT was hysterical) She took a pony ride, we ate "fair food" we won prizes, SHE won herself a prize, looked in the exhibits, bought a "squeegee" went through the flower exhibits, bought kettle corn- and left- it was the best 3 hours we have spent together in a long time! :)

This new kitchen we bought her, makes me feel kinda odd. I am beginning to feel like I am training my daughter to be a house wife, and that is all. I know she is only 2 and wants to DO what Mommy does, but it just got me thinking on how old fashion this "toy" is. I feel like I am grooming her to think this is what she must become. I know this really isn't the case, because I have not fallen prey of the typical stereotype, I do have dreams, I do want a "career" and I do have goals for myself other than getting the garbage out everyday and folding laundry. So- I know by my lead-she too will be a successful woman, just like I will be, just like my mom is. It's all about parenting... isn't it?

ok- and back to the fair- that Pig race was one of the funniest-things I have ever seen. They reward the animals by giving them oreo cookies! What a life! ;) One of the piggies was a pot bellied pig, and it (I forget it's name) swam in a pool, or a piggy pool, something like that. It was SOOO cute- the others all raced. They all had really creative names like "Squeal O'niel" "Brittney Spare-ribs" "Kevin Bacon" "HAMah Montana" ... it was a great 15 minute show! Perfect for the little ones! ;)
ok- that's all for now- I am off to relax then scrap!


Liz said...

It's going to be okay...she'll just be a wildly successful career woman who happens to be a wildly talented cook as well. =)

Ghia said...

That's okay...we've bought Joseph a kitchen, a shopping cart, a workbench, countless amounts of sports equipment, and thousands upon thousands of trucks to expose him to everything. But, what tops it off is that his favorite color is.....PINK!!! What's a mom to do??!!

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